Ekaterina Behor, a talented and passionate producer based in Los Angeles, has made a significant impact in Hollywood with her commitment to creating projects that leave a positive impact on audiences.

Hailing from Russia, Ekaterina's journey into filmmaking began with a background in journalism and an eye for detail. After making her mark as a producer in Russia, she took on the challenge of moving to Los Angeles to pursue new opportunities.

A journey of growth and adaptation in Hollywood

Ekaterina's move to Los Angeles was a transformative experience that sharpened her skills and expanded her professional network. Her projects have earned over 21 awards and 26 nominations, including accolades for the drama "Volatility." Her determination to inspire and move audiences remains at the core of her endeavors. You might have caught her youtube series “Teens,” which went viral. Her project “Invincible”, part music video, part dance film, went on to screen at over ten festivals worldwide, including the Istanbul Film Festival. 

Working for Hollywood’s top studios

Ekaterina is grateful for her collaboration with some of Hollywood’s top studios. Two of them include Gm.L Pictures and IMN Creatives. 

As a line producer at IMN Creative, she devoted the best of her talent to making highly-anticipated Amazon spy series "Citadel" and the action-packed Netflix film "Extracted 2" a reality, demonstrating Ekaterina's real knack skill in managing complex projects and bringing unique stories to life on the screen.

Within the dynamic realm of Gm.L Pictures, Ekaterina Behor orchestrated the production of the short drama “Code ½,” garnering numerous accolades at esteemed film festivals worldwide, including the Sweden Film Festival and the Hollywood Gold Awards. Her involvement with Gm.L Pictures extends to other notable projects, such as the Sci-Fi TV miniseries "OPPO: Future Era" and a commercial for Honda aimed at the Chinese market. Echoing her responsibilities at IMN Creative, Ekaterina's dedication, and expertise have been a cornerstone of these productions' success, earning her a distinct reputation as a producer and making her in high demand within the industry.


Ekaterina Behor's journey as a producer has been shaped by her passion for storytelling, dedication to cultural exchange, and commitment to making a difference in the entertainment industry. With an impressive portfolio of successful projects, she continues to inspire and contribute to the world of filmmaking in Hollywood and beyond.


Written by Ethan Reynolds

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